The Team

Ashwin Pawar: Ashwin Pawar should’ve actually been called Ashwin ‘Power’. Being a State Gold medalist himself, his technique and strength itself is a benchmark to work towards.

Vanshita Phulpagar: Vanshita is fabulous caring and a client friendly trainer. She doesn’t let you push her over, and makes you do every last bit of your work-out, even if you don’t think you can take a step further! She is hard working and dedicated to her job and that’s what her clients like most about her.

Santosh Rao: Santosh Rao embodies perfection as a trainer. He focuses on wholesome development rather than just finishing a routine. His identifies your strengths and weaknesses which lead to better end results.

Simpson Almeida: Simpson besides having good technical knowledge has good psychological understanding of the person he is training which is very important to be able to get the best out of a client.

Prashant Bandal: He understands the movement of each muscle in every exercise, and won’t let you stop unless he sees you working it! He is an easy-going, extremely knowledgeable trainer who adds tremendous value to any workout given to him.